Version 0.14.0

It’s now possible to disable automatic tracking of clipboard changes. HaveClip can now check clipboard only on-demand, when the synchronization is requested.

HaveClip gets a basic command line interface. It has only one command using which you can trigger clipboard synchronization:

$ haveclip sync

Intended use is keyboard shortcut in window manager, etc. More commands may come in the future.

As more libraries are now allowed to Jolla Harbour, HaveClip for SailfishOS can finally generate private keys and certificates on it’s own. It works exactly the same as in the desktop version. Certificate is generated on first start and can be regenerated in settings. This allows to use the encryption out-of-the-box.

Note for Windows users: There is no Windows build of this version. Use v0.13.0, it is compatible, or build your own.