Day of Defeat Community

In the beginning of 2010, we founded a Day of Defeat 1.3 server and added another later on. As time went on, we created community website at dod.havefun.cz. Until about 2012 it was quite crowded. Now it’s unfortunately pretty dead.

The website is interconnected with the servers. We have custom stats and rank system. Players get military ranks for score, which is gained by kills. We also have our own league system, again linked with the servers, which unfortunately wasn’t played much.

Web part

AMX Mod X plugins

I have created several plugins which run on servers and communicate with the website through database.

I have also overridden the standard stats.amxx to integrate it with our ranks.

Used technologies

Web is written in Python with the Django framework. Plugins for AMX Mod X are written in Pawn.


Everything is released under GNU/GPL.


There is absolutely no documentation on how to use it at all. You have to know how Django and HalfLife servers work. Given the fact that our website is dead, it probably won’t change.

Django apps

AMX Mod X plugins